Toastmasters 12/11/2013 Shownotes

I was proud to be the official Toastmaster of Riverbend Toastmasters meeting on December 11, 2013.

The theme of our meeting was “The Christmas Machine.”  I took the idea from one of our members Louann Clark’s podcast A Decided Difference.

We had some exciting speakers Kacie Mattox spoke about all the things her family does to create family memories.

Clydean Gish spoke on “Sew Sew Christmas” and how her and several of her friends are making (sewing) pillow dresses for children in foreign countries.

Many times when I speak I can’t help to give some sort of infomercial for something. And since many people are looking for just the right new electronic gadget to buy for unique Christmas gifts I showed off some gadgets that I refer to as the “Cable TV Replacement Toys“.

Well these devices cannot totally allow you to do away with the expensive cable tv but they sure can help.

The Devices are:

Google Chromecast -Most inexpensive gadget and the newest at $35.

Apple TV–  The product that has been out the longest and most stable and works with iPad and iPhone and retails for around $100

Roku– Claims to have over 1,000 channels (some requiring subscriptions)  and works with most TV’s and is the one that I use.

The best prices for these devices can be found at Amazon!  

I recommend Amazon Prime. Try it out now for seven days and order your Chrismas gifts then cancel. I know thats cheating a little but it is a great service and well worth the $79 annual costs.

Buy Google Chromecast (this is a #1 best seller this year for Amazon)

Buy Apple TV

Buy Roku

Disclosure: Nibby Priest is compensated for some of the reviews and endorsements of products and services on this/his personal blog. Nibby may receive consideration for a review or endorsement, but he is totally unbiased and does not accept paid reviews or fake reviews claiming to be something they are not.


  1. LouAnn Clark says

    You are always a gracious host when you are Toastmaster. I really enjoyed the meeting yesterday. And thanks for the shout-out. :)

    Now I’m clicking through your link to see Santa about that Chromecast gizmo. Shh! Don’t tell Bill.

  2. Stacey Howell says

    I agree wtih LouAnn. You are always an awesome Toastmaster! And I really appreciate you sending this out. I was intrigued by your Toastmaster “commercial” and wanted to run right out and buy at least one of your suggestions.

  3. myk says

    I’ll be agreeing with the previous two ladies comments. You are most gracious and enjoyable. The “commercials” were out of the norm opening an “appropriate” question…. HOWEVER, I’m most interested and intrigued by your product presentations… thanks for the note. I’ll be checking ’em out….

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